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Disk To Disk External Backup Software

GTK Selfimage is an opensource tool that can backup your disk drive or whole partition as either a compressed gzip image file or another drive/partition. In short, you can use it to clone your current partition or drive for complete backup.

Previously we have reviewed two similar tools, Easeus Todo Backup and Drive Dumper. The former backups to .pdb format and restores from there while the later has limited functionality.

GTK Selfimage however provides option to process the backup to compressed gzip format and also has an option to clone the whole drive or partition. It is dead simple to use and according to the developer it can be compared to the software like Norton Ghost.

GTK Selfimage

You just have to select the Input File/Drive, select the type of Processing, and the Output File/Drive. When all is ready, hit OK and you are good to go. The tool is not portable and works on Windows XP and later. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download GTK Selfimage

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