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Disk2vhd Creates VHD And Allows Script Creation Of Virtual Hard Disks

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk, it is Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk file format, which is used to hold physical drive content to install/run on Microsoft Virtual PC or Hyper-V VMs. Tools that can convert specified part of physical hard disk into VHD format are not abundant, and some which are made open to public have relative complexity levels. Disk2Vhd is one simple tool to create VHD version of physical disk to use in MS VMs (Virtual Machines). The distinctive part is that you can run this application on online systems as well.

Considering the vast usage, package comes with two modes of usage, GUI based and other supporting CLI environment, however, CLI is much powerful and is targeted towards advanced users, who need to script the VHDs creation. Application interface is quite user-friendly and it lists down all the disk volumes to specify one or multiple disks for conversion. It let users create single VHD for each disk while preserving the disk’s partitioning information. The VHD format is created by copying only the data of selected volumes,  this excludes data volume and only system volume is included.


Before staring VHD creation, specify the output path and select the drives for which you need to create VHD file. If you are creating a VHD file for the very first time, don’t forget to follow the instruction and consider other preventive measures defined in help manual.

As VHD are extensively used in Virtual PC and MS Virtual Machines for testing multiple OS concurrently, creating one through this application is fairly simple as you just need to specify the disk and location of output file.

Download Disk2vhd


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