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DiskSavvy Analyzes NAS Storage Devices, Local And Network Disk Space

Want to know which local or remote drives and folders are taking more space and analyze the disk space allocation report by variety of parameters? Try out DiskSavvy. It is an advanced disk space analysis tool with many features to give in-depth file/folder and drive space analysis report. In the past, we have featured some nice disk space analyzers with major focus was on performing quick analysis of specified locations with eye-candy UI, one prominent example is Disk Space Fan . DiskSavvy capitalizes more on giving user insight into the space which are being consumed by folders and drives. What sets it apart from previously covered tools is the fact that it can analyze disk space by several parameters, including, by Extension, File Size, Access Time, Modification Time, User Name, Type and so on, with an ability to generate report in both pie and bar chart to visually analyze disk space by any of selected parameter.

DiskSavvy is also loaded with some useful plugins to create disk space classification report for performing simple operations like copy, move and delete folders quickly according to the consumed space.

To begin analyzing the folders and disks, click Analyze button on the toolbar to specify locations (local and remote), disks and folders. Before clicking Start button, move to Exclude and Options tab to exclude any special locations which you don’t want to be analyzed and to set processing speed, resultant report title, and method (Sequential or Parallel) respectively.


exclude 2

Once the settings are in place, click Start to begin analyzing the disk space. While the analysis is being performed, it shows the number of total files along with total space of selected locations, processing time and overall performance of analysis operation.

Disk Savvy_

After the analysis is finished, it will list down all the underlying folders with histograms showing the total space consumed by each folder. From the bottom pane, click the pull-down menu to categorize listed folder by aforementioned parameters.

Disk Savvy 1

The application comes with various classification plugins to classify the folders which you’ve analyzed. On the main toolbar, click Classify, choose the plugin, and hit OK to view the classification report. Moreover, you can instantly create backup or move the hefty folders from the original location to external storage drive, view classification in chart form and delete the selected folders.


Coming back to main interface, the detailed report of disk analysis can be viewed by clicking Chart button. You can copy the report to clipboard to share it with others, visually scan the space consumption by disk space and number of files per directory, and switch between Pie and Bar chart.

analyze report

The free version is limited to 100,000 files or 1TB of storage. The pro version can remove this limitation and costs $10. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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