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Display Detailed Information Of Available Wireless Networks

WirelessNetView is an efficient wireless network scanner from Nirsoft. Even though Windows 7 has a lot better way to detect and show information about available wireless networks, there is still a need of one complete scanner which can retrieve all information of wireless networks. WirelessNetView displays wide range of information which spreads across the window in multiple columns, some of them includes; Last Signal, Average Signal, Detection Counter, Security Enabled, Authentication, Cipher, PHY Types, First & Last Detected On, MAC Address, and lot more.


From Options menu, you can let it beep on discovering a new network, the update refresh rate can also be changed to minimize the usage of system resources.

To view the complete information about one specific wireless network, double-click the item to bring its stats in a separate window.


The application is a complete wireless network scanner which will help in finding out the best wireless network from the list of available WiFi networks. We have previously covered a Wireless network scanner called inSSIDer, which can help in finding out the best wireless network, and OutSSIDer for finding all unencrypted WiFi networks.

It runs on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download WirelessNetView

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