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DivX HiQ Brings GPU Acceleration For Flash Videos

DivX.Inc recently introduced their freshly cooked DivX HiQ free web plugin, which supports hardware acceleration for flash-based videos to give users best video watching experience. The hardware acceleration aspect among the rest of improvements it offer has drew more attention primarily because the notebook users will able to enjoy relatively same video quality with minimal CPU usage. Since graphics hardware acceleration is another name for off loading video rendering to GPU, it will greatly help you in watching videos with higher FPS on slower systems. Other noteworthy improvements are improved buffering, support for HTML5 video tag while a long list of web sites supporting HiQ is also offered.

Divx HiQ beta 2 is now available for Mac users, according to DivX official community, Safari 64-bit users will also be able to use the plug-in. Since HTML 5 offers seamless video playback and control options, users wont need to rely on third party tools/plug-ins, such as, Adobe Flash, Silverlight, etc. The DivX brings HTML 5 API support to users, you can easily embed and control video content through <video> tag. Along with Firefox and Google Chrome, both Safari and IE 8 users can use HTML 5 video player mode.


On supported flash content, you will get to see DivX bar (with Play button) at the bottom, indicating that the video can be decoded by installed DivX plug-in. In first step of installation wizard, make sure that DivX Plus Web Player 2.1 Beta option is enabled in order to install the supported DivX web player.

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During testing, we found it to be working with only flash-based video sharing websites, like YouTube. DRM based video content can’t be decoded at this stage of development. As per browsers-compatibility tests, Firefox struggled a bit whereas Google Chrome flawlessly played the video. For more, head over to official page to read some other known issues as well.

Grab Divx HiQ Beta 2

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