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Domain Whois Lookup [Desktop]

For the novice users let me first clarify what is Whois information, it is the information relevant to the domain which specifies the registration details of the particular domain,  like which registrar is holding that domain, which name servers and IP is assigned. It becomes useful for troubleshooting various issues regarding DNS and Domain propagation. Whois Lookup is a portable application for Windows which lets you get the Whois details of any site.

It displays the information in cool looking frames. Simply specify the domain name and then hit the Look up/Search button. It will display the domain’s Whois details along with the status like whether the domain name is taken or not. If the domain name is taken it will preview it as well so users can check if it is a parked domain or an active domain.


Download Whois Lookup

It works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

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