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Download 1000 Songs In Windows Free Music Giveaway

Microsoft Windows team in partnership with Reverbnation is giving away 1000 songs from new artists for free. You can download them in either M4A and MP3 formats. Before you download any song there is also an option to Play it live. So you must be thinking that it can’t be true, but actually is. Just head over to the link given at the bottom of this post and start grabbing the songs.

windows music cover art

So how can the these songs be free? Reverbnation answers “You’ll see (but not hear) some ads on your screen in addition to the album’s cover art, which is how we keep your new tunes from costing you a cent.”

Download Songs


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  • jumason

    no comment

    • Tansui

      Hi Nakodari,
      Thats a real cool link. Downloaded 10 songs !
      However, I have my doubts whether they are totalling 1000. In any case its a good link.
      Another cool place I download my songs is from http://downloadanystuff.org