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Download & Add Mp3 Music To iTunes When It’s Not Running [Firefox]

Do you want to quickly add music files to your iTunes library without having to run iTunes? What if you want Firefox to automatically download your mp3 music and add it to the iTunes library? Both can be done and surprisingly no tweaking of any sort is required.

Apple has added a new feature in the latest version of iTunes, in fact, it is a simple folder called Automatically Add to iTunes which can be found inside the Music folder depending on which OS you are running.

  • Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\Your Username\My Documents\My Music\
  • Windows Vista and 7: \Users\Your Username\Music\
  • Mac OS X: \Users\Your username\Music\

Now once you are inside the music folder, you will find iTunes Media or iTunes Music folder, again depending on which OS you are using. Look inside this folder and you will find the folder named Automatically Add to iTunes.

Automatically add to itunes

Just drop your mp3 music inside this folder and they will automatically be added to iTunes. Simple, isn’t it? But what if iTunes does not recognize a certain music file format? Then it will automatically create a sub-directory called Not Added and put the file inside it.

Automatically add music to iTunes

Now instead of having to download the music and then adding manually, wouldn’t it be better if we could automate the process? If you use iTunes as your default media player and Firefox as your default browser, then you are one lucky chap.

Grab Automatic Save Folder add-on for Firefox, and set it to always download mp3 files in Automatically Add to iTunes folder.

automatic save folder

Automatic Save To Folder add-on for Firefox

This add-on works with all versions of Firefox after v1.5.

Kudos to CyberNews for the tip!

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