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Download HD QuickTime Videos In MOV Format

Websites like Apple stream all videos in QuickTime(.mov) format, which is followed by some other websites too. To play these videos QuickTime Player must be installed on your computer, the videos are then streamed by QuickTime web interface. This should come as no surprise since mov format is developed by Apple itself and they usually do their best to promote it.

Ofcourse Flash is far more popular format, but how would you download a video that is streaming in QuickTime format? Meet MOV Download Tool. It is a tool that acts like a proxy between QuickTime buttons(usually for HD content) that you find on various websites and QuickTime Player. When you click the button, it presents you with the set of actions to choose from.

Mov Download Tool

Select the desired action and hit Next. It will then ask if you want to delete the file after playback(let it remain unchecked if you want to download the file to your computer permanently) and hit Next.

MOV Download Tool options

Now select the destination where you would like to save the video and hit Download.

download mov video

Once the download has begun, you can see the progress in the main window.

quicktime video downloader

Since I selected the action to play the video in VLC Player automatically after download is complete, the screenshot below is the proof that it works exactly like the developer calms.

Apple Trailer Download

I have come across many other QuickTime downloaders, but nothing beats this. By default it has no GUI interface, but when you hit the QuickTime video playback button on any website, it will detect it automatically and show you the list of options.

Download MOV Download Tool

It works on all versions of Windows irrespective of which browser you are using. Enjoy!


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