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Download Missing Album Art For Your Music Collection

If you’re a music fanboy like me who is very conscious about organization of their music library, and particularly fond of Album Art (you have to admit, the wonderful iTunes and iPod cover flow looks bland without it), this tool will certainly appeal to you. Album Art Downloader is a free, open source software that does just what its name suggests: downloads album art.

The software works with two main interfaces. One allows you to search for album art based on the criteria you provide (artist name, album name etc), while the other one goes through your local file system and lets you select only those albums that are missing associated artwork.

AlbumArt Downloader

The software searches through a variety of sources, more than any other similar program that I have seen so far. This increases the chances of finding the right artwork for almost any album. You get some configurable options here as well, like downloaded image size, filtering, etc.

While using the File Browser component of this tool, you need to specify your music directory. Album Art Downloader will go through your music collection and list all albums that it finds. With one click you can then select all those that are missing album art, and download it automatically.


Album Art Downloader uses ID3 tag information while searching for album art. It also has the ability to be integrated in Windows Explorer context menu, so you can simply select an album folder (please note, folder only) and launch the program searching for that album’s artwork automatically.


Album Art Downloader is an open source freeware that comes in a small-size package but is certainly not light on memory (uses over 200 MB of system memory), so you better be mindful of the fact before you decide to use it. The sources that it searches can be modified through plug-in scripts. We tested the program on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Album Art Downloader


  1. taghycardia (another free app, but not opensource) also downloads cover art automatically when tagging mp3s. what’s more, it tries to find artwork locally for the auto tagging first, speeding up the procedure. just about one megabyte, and no .net or java required.

  2. I’ve used this program for a few years now, I can vouch that it’s a great program, I always find the album art i need.

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