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Download Music From Last.FM, Aupeo & Vkontakte With Last.FM Downloader

The internet has evolved a lot in the past few years, just like computers did gradually. Only some years ago, it was used only for reading documents or watching images due to limited bandwidth, but now, almost everything from doing our grocery shopping and streaming online videos to listening to music and storing data, has gone online. One of the most obvious uses of internet these days is grabbing music off the net. Various services are available that let you download songs of any kind and genre, from various sources. One such application we found is Last.FM Downloader. Just as its name implies, it is a portable application that lets you download music to your PC from Last.FM, a renowned music website that has millions of subscribers. In addition it also allows you to download music from Aupeo and Vkontakte. The application enables you to login to your Last.FM and Aupeo accounts, and download your favorite music just by entering the URL of your playlists. It downloads the cover art for each song, along with letting you choose a custom download folder and can also create a deep folder layout for your collection. Along with its ease of use, it looks quite handsome. More details about Last.FM Downloader after the break.

When you launch the application, first, you need to login to your Last.FM and Aupeo.com accounts to start downloading music. All you have to do is enter your username and password in the provided fields.

Last.FM, Aupeo & vkontakte.ru Downloader Login

When you have entered them, click Settings tab at the top and specify the Download Folder. You may also mark Download cover art to get album art for each song, and Deep Folder Layout to allow the application to create folders based on Artists and Albums. Furthermore, you can set limitations for Download Size and Download file count, and set it to launch an application if limit is reached.

Last.FM, Aupeo & vkontakte.ru Downloader Settings

When all settings are properly configured, click Download tab at the top and then enter the URL of a playlist. Afterwards, click Start button available at the bottom right corner of the application. You can Skip or Stop the downloaded process by using their respective buttons at the bottom right corner. The application successfully downloads all the required music, while the quality remains good too.

Last.FM, Aupeo & vkontakte.ru Downloader [1.18]

In a nutshell, Last.FM Downloader is extremely handy application to quickly download music from your Last.FM account. It works on all versions of Windows.

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