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Download Or Copy Music From iPod To Your Computer Instantly With iDump

Do you love the the music playlist of  your friend’s or co-worker’s iPod? You can now copy the songs to your computer, and then later copy them to your iPod using iTunes if you have one. Almost everyone carry an iPod  these days, if you love someone’s music playlist you can borrow his iPod for few minutes and copy his music to your computer instantly. iDump is a free little tool that lets you copy all music from any iPod to your computer.

There are  two types of files, one is a simple installer and the other is an executable file which you can download from here.

Just connect your iPod and run this tool(executable file), it will display the list of music with artist and album details. It also shows the file size of each song. Below is the screenshot I took which connecting my friend’s iPod(he has hell lot of Indian songs).


Press Ctrl + A to select all music at once. Go to Output Options tab to change the output directory or set other preferences.

output options

After you have selected the song and done all settings, click Tools and select Start Copy.

start copy idump

It will now begin copying all music to the output destination you selected.

transfering song idump

It copes all song by artist name and arranges in a great way. I thought it would take forever to copy the songs, but to my surprise it took just 35 seconds to copy 133 songs. Start increasing your music playlist now. Enjoy!

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  • Try iPodRobot iPod to Computer Transfer.
    Not only transfer music, but also videos, photos and playlists. Can also import to iTunes library.

  • shlibit

    Comment for Ubuntu Linux 9.10 –

    Rhythmbox will do the same job if you’re using Ubuntu Linux. Drag and drop the songs you would like to rip from the iPod to the section headed ‘Library’. Rhythmbox will then automatically create properly named folders for the collection, located in the user’s ‘Music’ folder on the /home/username/Music folder.

    If you try and copy directly from the iPod’s music list located in Rhythmbox to a particular folder on the hard drive, the result will be unhelpfully-named files.

    • nakadai