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Download TED Videos With TED Grabber

TEDGrabber is a brilliant opensource application that generates link to every TED video which can then be downloaded easily. Once all video links are generated, you can export the list and use them to download video with any Download Manager.

The first step is to click Update TED Links from File Menu. Once all links have been generated, you have the choice to export both All Links and New Links as a text file, which are saved in the same directory where the app is residing.

TED Grabber

Now add these direct download links to any Download Manager (I used Orbit) to download videos in mp4 format. Even though, the video is of normal quality, the audio is very clear.

TED video downloader

The application itself is not a downloader, it simply generates the links which allows one to download videos easily.

Being a portable tool it works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

Download TEDGrabber


  1. @beetree: The new quick list is great (metaTED started using it yesterday) if you just want to quickly download a talk or two, but the problem is you’re still stuck with uninformative file names – i.e. “HansRosling_2009_480.mp4” instead of “Unconventional Explanations/Hans Rosling on HIV – New facts and stunning data visuals.mp4”. Not to mention there’s no talk grouping in subdirectories per filming/publishing year, talk theme or author.

  2. Ted Grabber’s is still live ! Google a little …
    There is the 3 beta version.
    The problem is solving the problem on how to merge the subs into video
    as created in txt and with non standards format content.

  3. The project appears to be dead.
    My guess is that it heard from Ted.
    So, on account of Ted’s rights,
    the files are gone from our sight,
    a mere memory in Ted Grabber’s head.

  4. I’m the author of metaTED, an open source tool that makes it easy to download all of the TED talks. It does so by creating metalinks of TED talks varying in both the quality levels and possible talk groupings by directory. All you need to do is get a download client that supports the Metalink standard and to choose one of the daily updated metalinks.

    I’ve recently received an interesting feature request, mentioning TEDGrabber. The reason I’m contacting you is to warn you that TEDGrabber doesn’t seem to be an open source application – namely I can’t seem to find the source code for it anywhere.

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