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Drag Active Windows To View Underlying Windows With GhostWin

Do you have the problem of flipping back and forth between overlapping windows? Do you often require checking the progress of an application process by switching windows, (such as a video converter)? Why not make your current window transparent. We have reviewed two apps before which can do this job; Vitrite and See Through Windows. However, both of them can turn windows transparent using a hotkey. If you want the same feature but different functionality, then GhostWin will definitely help. It makes any window partially or completely transparent when you move it across the screen, so that you may be able to see the underlying windows.

The main interface of GhostWin is quite self explanatory. You can enable options to make windows transparent when you move or resize them, view the console at system startup and to start, stop or hide  GhostWin.


To make a window transparent, right-click on it’s header and select an opacity level. In case you have hidden the console, you can bring it back from the “Show Console” option.

Ghost Mode

To return to normal opacity, you can either change opacity level or select Un-Ghost from right-click context menu.


Underlying windows can also be conveniently identified while resizing or dragging the current Window.


GhostWin works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download GhostWin

[via ghacks]

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