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Drag & Drop To Read Comics And View Plain Images With MComix

Reading comics is a good way to take your mind off work and have fun. Everybody has a different hobby, some like to play games on their computer, some people watch movies and listen to music, while other read comics for fun. However, to enjoy whatever you want to do requires you to the right tools. For example, if you trying to watch a movie, you need to have the right video player with the correct codecs installed on your computer, otherwise the video file will not work correctly on your computer. In the same way, a good comic reader is a major requirement for enjoying reading your favorite comics. Previously, we have covered comic readers such as ComicRack, CBR and  WPF Comics Book Reader, which let you read comic books available in different formats. Today we bring to you MComix, an open source comic reader that lets you read and manage your comics. It provides you with all the basic options to control and customize your comic reading experience. Other than serving as a comic reader for archives compiled in ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP and TAR formats, it can also open plain images. Preferences can be changed for default settings of the application, such as background color, page numbers, scrolling options, display properties and language selection. The application allows you to maintain bookmarks to easily resume reading your favorite comics!

Comics or photo albums can be loaded into the application by drag and drop method. Dragging an image will load the complete folder in the thumbnail list. Open File menu at the top, and select Open to navigate to specific folders and archives containing comics. Next and Previous Images can be viewed just by using the mouse scroll.

[16  40]  SaturnKnight-KnightBeforeChristmas.rar

Right-click on a particular image to reveal options for quickly adjusting screen mode, adding and editing bookmarks, accessing recently read comics and opening Preferences window.

[2  40]  SaturnKnight-KnightBeforeChristmas

There are File, Edit, View, Go, Bookmarks and Tools menus at the top, containing options for opening new comics, editing comic properties and application preferences, adjusting viewing options, navigating through the comic, managing bookmarks, enhancing image colors and transforming its orientation.

[11  40]  SaturnKnight-KnightBeforeChristmas

Click Edit and select Preferences to configure the default application settings related to Appearance of Background and Thumbnails, Behavior of Scroll and Double Page Mode, Fullscreen and Slideshow Display, User Interface Language, Cache and Magnifying Lens.

mComix Preferences

MComix performs everything offered by the developer. It is available for Windows (portable) and Linux operating systems.

Download MComix

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