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Draw Pictures And Edit SVG Image File For Free With e2vector

You have heard about the image formats jpeg, png, and gif. But what about svg? SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics), according to Wikipedia, is a family of specifications of XML-based file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and dynamic (interactive or animated). Since the image and it’s behaviors are defined in XML files, they can be indexed, searched, scripted, and compressed. All web browsers except Internet Explorer render SVG markup directly.

Since SVG are XML files, they can be edited using any text editor, but they can also be edited by using a specialized SVG-based drawing programs. e2vector is one such drawing program, but unlike other tools, it is based on Adobe Air platform.

svg viewer and editor

Most SVG editors are quite complex, but this tool is surprisingly easy-to-use. According to the developer behind this app,

Compared with a form-based Flex business applications with lots of grids and numbers, you would think that drawing would be child’s-play. Actually, an application such as e2vector is extremely sophisticated under the bonnet.

e2vector incorporates a very sophisticated algorithm that enables it to splice paths. Pulling apart overlapping arcs so that they split at the points where they overlap

It contains quite a number of features such as path splicing, shape union and intersection. To see how this app works, watch the video below.


Note that the developer behind this app and the one behind e2spreadsheet are same. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi – I had to install Abode Air separately from your installation as an error msg came re:abode Air being corrupted or something like that. I have the software installed now, but you may want to check out your installation process. Thank you.

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