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Dukto R4 – Transfer Files On LAN Between Clients Running Different OS

In homogenous network environment, transferring files from one place to another is easy once you’ve set up sharing permissions, firewall and other server-client specific settings, but problem arises when you’re dealing with nodes in heterogeneous network, where every other client machine is running different OS platform with respective set of protocols and firewall configurations. In such scenario, preparing each client machine for seamless data sharing will be rather difficult, until you use portable Dukto R4 for transferring data. While it supports multiple types of OS platforms, the application offers the easiest way of sharing data between systems connected over network. No matter which OS you’re using (Windows, Mac, or Linux), sharing can be initiated without configuring any sort of permissions, firewall, protocols and settings from either ends (server or clients).

It can discover all the connected clients, allowing you to transfer files via simple drag & drop. Apart from transferring files, it also lets you send text messages to connected users while maintaining a log of transferred files and text for verification purposes. In Windows 7, it makes use of taskbar progress bar to let user check the amount of data which has been transferred.

The main interface is kept minimal without many configurations to set up. To begin, you need to launch it on all the client systems where data has be to sent or received. Once it is up and running on all the clients, you will see connected systems listed with their host names on the main interface.


From IP Connection tab, enter host name or IP address of the system you need to connect with. File transfer is initiated by dragging the file on the main interface. Alternatively, you can choose to click Send some text to chat with connected clients.

dukto 1

The Log window refers to record of all the files which have sent or received during the session. Here, it shows file names with time stamps as well as errors it encountered during sending and receiving data.

Dukto log

With an ability to seamlessly share files and text with connected systems over network, we recommend trying out open source Dukto. It will be particularly come useful for users who need to send and receive files from systems running different OS in a network.

Versions for all operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux are available.

Download Dukto

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