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Duper – Lightweight Blazing Fast Duplicate File Remover

One thing you should all know is that AddictiveTips is full of duplicate file removers. We have reviewed duplicate removers from every nook and corner of the web, the most recent being BitFinder and Duplicate File Finder. There are plenty of other useful apps out there that we might have missed or have not reviewed because they are not worth reviewing.

The most recent application to grab our attention is Duper. One thing to notice before giving it a shot is that it is a Java application, it might be a huge bummer for most users but what makes it worthwhile is the ease of use, blazing fast speed, and the lightweight size. After all, what is the point of running resource hungry duplicate removers?

The usage is simple, select the folders(by default all drives are selected), select the patterns that you want to exclude, enter the minimum file size, and select other options before hitting Start Scan.


So how does it work? According to the developer, if any two file sizes are identical, an MD5 sum is computed for each file and then used to determine if they are identical. Simple as that!

It works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The developer has provided a separate application for Mac users. It worked seamlessly on our Windows 7 system except only one time when it crashed.

Download Duper


  1. Crappy software, I scanned my drive (80gb) and I crashed .
    Can you please do deep test of each software that you review .

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