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Duplicate Cleaner Now Lets You Search Duplicates By Custom Filters

Having duplicate files in your hard drive is pretty annoying due to the fact that you cannot go about checking each and every folder for duplicate content, but if you use a duplicate file finder, you can easily locate and delete those extra copies of files from your hard drive. Back in 2008, we covered Duplicate Cleaner, an application that assists you in deleting duplicate files. Since then, it has been updated with quite a lot of new options and features. Apart from a revamped interface, the most significant improvements include the ability to add custom file filters, custom maximum and minimum file size, search for duplicates according to created/modified date and time and more. Read past the jump for further details.

The most noteworthy change, and the first new thing hat you will notice, is that the interface is completely redesigned. It has been completely overhauled, and given a new, user-friendly look with controls for each component of the program neatly grouped into separate tabs.

The main interface now lets you add custom File Filters, select maximum and minimum File Sizes, Find duplicate files using parameters, such as Created and Modified dates, and easily add folders for searching duplicate files. You can find files with Same Content, Same Name, Same Created Date, Same Modified Date. Duplicate Cleaner contains  special duplicate file detection options for audio files, including Same Artist, Same Title and Same Album. For working with images, there is now a separate Image Preview tab that allows you to view the duplicate images before moving or deleting them.

Duplicate Cleaner 2.1

Additionally, the latest version of Duplicate Cleaner supports a huge array of image and music file formats. While searching for duplicate files, it automatically detects and manages the junctions and mountpoints, if any. In order to check the integrity of files, there is a built in MD5 checker that helps you in finding duplicate files by matching their hash values. While the application comes with simple options to rename, move and delete duplicate files, you can also set file include and exclude filters to search for only particular types of duplicate files from the source location.

In this post, we have only covered the most salient updates of Duplicate Cleaner, and we may have missed out on many critical ones. The complete changelog can be checked out at the author’s page. Duplicate Cleaner works flawlessly on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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