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Duplicate Commander Finds Duplicate Files Based On File Data

Duplicate Commander is a powerful tool to search, remove, and manage duplicate files from your computer. A best aspect of Duplicate Commander is that it identifies duplicate files based on file information instead of merely searching for files with similar names. This allows you to identify and remove duplicate files even if they have a completely different name. It is fast, easy to use, and available in portable form (as well as with an installer). The primary features include a fast counting engine, ability to exclude user-defined folders and files, scan files by size, and convert duplicate files to NTFS hard links (a link which points to a copy of the file). It provides the option to easily delete, copy, or move duplicate files. You can revert the actions back through its undo script anytime.

From the File menu, you can select a list of files or choose the Search for duplicates option to scan a specified directory from a hard drive. Select the folders to scan and use the add key in the middle pane of main window to en-queue them for scanning. Now just click Search to begin the scanning process.

Search files

This will initiate the scanning process and provide you with a list of duplicates files with similar data.


Once the duplicate files are identified, you can delete, move, scan or choose to create NTFS hard links of selected duplicate files.


You can either check them one by one or use the Select all option via the Edit menu to perform a task (e.g. file deletion or moving of files). This will open a new window where you can click on OK to perform the pre-defined operation. For easy sorting of files, you can use the search box on top.

Check all in folder(s)...

The advanced options can be accessed from Tools menu. From here, you can add/remove buttons of the main interface, set scanning parameters, and use the Exclusions tab for adding exceptions to file types and folders.


Duplicate Commander is a quick and handy tool for searching, managing and deleting duplicate files that may contain the same data irrespective of their file name. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Duplicate Commander


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