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e2spreadsheet Is A Free Cross-Platform Desktop Spreadsheet And Graphing Application

Do you want to make a quick chart, graph, or maybe want to work on a spreadsheet? Ofcourse, Google Docs and OpenOffice are good places to start. But what if you want to work on a desktop instead of working online? Internet connectivity is not everywhere just yet.

e2spreadsheet is a free cross-platform Adobe Air application which is a fully functional spreadsheet and graphing tool. You can either create a new spreadsheet or import one in CSV format. It is a dead-simple app, to create a new spreadsheet, just enter the date, add effects, and view it in different graphs.

e2spreadsheet main

You can also add some sticky notes to remind you of some important information. Below is an example of the data presented in different graphs and charts.

e2spreadsheet charts and graphs

The author explains a little about this spreadsheet application,

e2preadsheet incorporates an algorithm that enables it to evaluate all the formulas in the right order (data dependencies), but avoid unnecessary re-calculations. It refreshes the spreadsheet behind the scenes, yet the naive user would be oblivious to its existence.

To see how it works, watch the video below.


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