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Easiest Note Taking Tool For Windows

Windows 7 brought with it more reliability to the Notes widget, which allows you to take notes right on your desktop. Almost every user at some point needs to make a note of something, and if you’re not using any tool, chances are that you’ll soon get tired of having to open notepad all the time, saving the note, selecting output location, etc. While the notes widget makes it easier, you are still limited not only by space, but also by having to visit the desktop every time you need to take a note.

An opensource, free tool with the name of Notetray does the trick. This application is not only most convenient to use, but also portable. Simply run the exe file once, and it will add its pencil-shaped icon to your system tray.

Notetray Icon

Click this icon to bring up the box that is the entire application. Add your note and close the box. Your note will get saved there, without getting lost.


No matter what application you’re using, what windows you have opened, if you can access the system tray, Notetray is available for your access. Add as much text as you like, there is no limit. Works perfectly with Windows 7.

Download Notetray


  1. I use Flashnote myself. You can raise it with a hotkey and have the notes sorted in to groups and such. Freeware and you can get a portable version.

  2. I prefer apps like Keynote (or the much simpler Quicknote extension for ac'tivAid), because they work without having to click. 🙂
    Hotkeys are fine.

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