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Easiest Way To Download Picasa Album In One Click

There are plenty of Picasa web album downloaders, just like Flick downloaders. We have  covered them in the past and have no reason to review more such tools. Picasa Web Album Downloader, however, is a minimalist tool for those who need an easy, lightweight, and fast alternative.

Picasa provides an RSS feed for all albums, you will find the button on the right sidebar.

Picasa Rss

Copy the RSS URL, paste it in the program, hit Download, and choose the output directory The progress will begin instantly.

Picasa Web Album Downloder pic

Picasa Web Album Downloder

Users need to change the format of the images to Jpg before viewing them. If you are using Irfanview or any other powerful image viewer, it will prompt you automatically to change the extension.

The application is build on Java which makes it cross-platform. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit OS. For more, you can also check out Picasa Album Downloader and two other similar tools.

Download Picasa Web Album Downloader

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