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Easily Adjust Volume Level Of Audio & Video Files With Audio Amplifier Free

Volume normalization can come really handy to make volume levels uniform for your entire music collection, You must have noticed while listening to music, how at the same system and media player volume level, the sound hardly reaches your ears for some audio tracks, while others come out as deafening to your ears. This forces you to constantly change the volume level in your media player, which is a major annoyance. Previously, we covered QMP3Gain, a feature-rich open-source application that can losslessly adjust audio volume across many songs. However, if you needed a rather simple and easy to use alternative that doesn’t confuse you with its wide array of configuration options, Audio Amplifier Free is probably what you’re looking for. As the name implies, the tool lets you amplify the sound of an audio track, but in addition, you can also reduce the volume level. As opposed to QMP3Gain, this application also lets you work with video files. The method it uses to gain or decrease volume is fairly simple and intuitive as well.

The UI boasts a very clean design. To the left, you’ll find a Load Audio or Video File button for selecting the source file. You can also simply drag and drop a file over the application window to load it. One limitation of the app is that it allows you to work with only a single item at a time. Once an audio or video file is added, the app displays its information in a white preview box to the left. This includes size and format of the file, track duration, bitrate, start time, input directory, and detailed metadata.

The right side of the window contains a large volume knob that makes it possible to manually adjust the volume level between a range of 0% to 1000%, where 100% is the default volume of the media. While these limits may seem quite inviting, try not to increase the volume too much, or you will end up having a lot of distortion in your tracks. Apart from the volume knob, you can use the left and right arrow buttons to adjust the volume as well. Clicking the Amplify button at the bottom begins the sound processing. The application allows you to specify the name and location for saving the output file. It takes only a few seconds for the tool to process and save the output, which is quite impressive.

Audio Amplifier Free

All in all, Audio Amplifier is an awesome application to quickly gain or reduce volume levels of your favorite audio and video files. The only thing lacking at the moment is support for working on multiple files in one go. The app works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Audio Amplifier Free

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