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Easily Back Up Files On Windows Complete With Directory Structure

They say it’s better safe than sorry. They say it’s advisable to backup your important files from time to time. But what ‘they’ usually overlook is the fact that backup tools, although genuinely useful, can be quite tedious to use for many, and some of them often contain plethora of settings that overwhelm the casual user. But since there are always ways around most computer problems, there’s a way around this one too. If you’ve been looking for a simple, easy to use backup tool without a steep learning curve or complicated configuration, try TSR Backup. The application lets you create backups of files and folders to any location you want. It doesn’t boast any complex features, nor does it have an intricate design; instead, it focuses on being extremely easy to install and use.

The interface of the application has all the app’s features arranged under Backup, Options and Log tabs at the top. It should be noted that TSR Backup doesn’t work the way most task-based backup apps do, where you just create backup or restore tasks and execute them when required. Instead, the application creates an exact backup copy of your data to any user-specified location. When it comes to restoring a backup, users have to manually do that via copy-paste.


To make a backup of your data, click the Add button under Source Directories, followed by selecting the folder that needs to be backed up. The application automatically copies the sub folders within the main directory to the list as well, so if you want to exclude any specific folder(s) from the backup process, you can mention them under Excluded Directories. TSR Backup also has shortcut buttons to quickly add Windows default user directories and Windows System directories under source and excluded list of directories respectively. The final step is to specify the destination directory for the backup, and click Start.


The current status of the backup process appears under the Log tab, from where you can mark four different options depending on your preferences regarding what to include in the log file from scanned, copied and skipped items, and any errors that are encountered. Information regarding the processed files also appear at the bottom, along with a Stop button to terminate the backup process any time.

In case you require to restore the files, you can simply copy them back from the destination directory. TSR Backup also saves the directory structure, making it easier to restore everything back exactly the way it should be.


TSR Backup is available in Free and Pro ($29) versions, where the later provides a few extra features such as continuous backup and free email support. The application works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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