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Easily Create Playlists For All Your Music Collection

If you’re an avid computer user and music junkie like myself, you probably would have a huge collection of music files on your system, which might be neatly sorted in separate folders (or if you’re absolutely like me, all haphazardly stored in one single folder). Either the case, one major element that most PC-music-lovers lack is playlists. Yes, they can be a huge help when you want to listen to a particular track, and don’t want to manually sort through all your library, or when you want to listen to one particular genre of music.

SnapPlay is a free and small software that creates playlists for all your music collection with just the click of a button, with some nice options.

Update: The name has been changed from SnapList to SnapPlay.


First, you get to choose what type of playlist you want. You can have a Windows Media Player specific playlist (which incidentally my WMP failed to recognize as a valid playlist), or you can create a standard M3U playlist, which works fine with almost all players. For playlist storage, you can have all in the same folder as the music storage, or specify a new target folder. SnapPlay can also delete any existing playlists for you.

Once you have set up the tool as per your liking, click Do Playlists and that’s it. Your playlists would be created in your specified folder. One good thing is that SnapPlay handles sub-folders as well, and will create a playlist for every subfolder within the parent directory.

We have tested SnapPlay on Windows 7; should work fine with previous releases as well.

Download SnapPlay

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