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Easily Edit, Watermark & Share Screenshots With Image Tools

Image editing applications come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them provide you with color correction controls like changing the hue, brightness, contrast and saturation, while others let you apply different filters to images. The problem with comprehensive image editors such as Adobe Photoshop is that the more options they have, the more difficult it becomes to learn them. There’s also another category of image-related applications: screenshot tools. If you have been a regular reader of AddictiveTips, you must have seen us review many, specially the ones that provide something extra to the users rather than just capturing plain screenshots. Today, we have one such utility called Image Tools that allows you to capture screenshots and edit local images such as adjusting brightness, gamma, contrast, format conversion, cropping, deborder, flip/ rotate, resizing, apply watermarks etc. When you are done, you can upload the images to IMDrops image hosting service directly from the tool to share them with others with a URL. More on Image Tools after the jump.

The main interface of the application provides you with all the options you need for working with local images. You can add images to the interface, save a current project and load a project you were previously working on, from the Main menu.

IMDrops Image Tools 3.4 [2 virtual cores] 128MB cache

The various image editing options can be accessed under the Process menu, or by right-clicking on an image. All of these should be pretty self-explanatory.

IMDrops Image Tools 3

After you have edited the image to your liking, you are ready to upload the file. Moreover, the application allows you to save the screenshot of the entire screen or a select area, directly publish your screenshot, share your most recent clipboard entry, activate a color picker, and view recent items.


When you upload an image, you are shown a confirmation message along with a link, allowing you to easily share the image with others.

Your link

The URL takes you to the image that can be viewed or directly downloaded. Other than the image, the webpage contains the URL of the file, IMDrops URL, BBCode Link, HTML Link, and several other formats of URLs to make it easy for you to share or embed the image in forums, blogs and other web pages.

IMDrops - Uploaded

Even though the applications works without a flaw, there is room for improvement in the user interface department make the app look more appealing. Image Tools is an open-source application and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Image Tools

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