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Easily Organize Images Into Photo Albums With Photilla

Photilla Photo Album Software automates the creation of photo albums requiring only folders’ paths to be specified. It supports tagging to categorize images into different groups. Despite being a photo album creator, it also helps in changing image meta information on the go.

The installation package comes with additional tools which includes; slideshow, image burner, image converter and a free image editor. You can make your choice during installation and include only required complementary application(s). However, at any point of time you can update the application with aforementioned additions. To begin with organizing images into photo albums, just specify the location to import images from. Once imported it will automatically organize them into photo album. You can easily include more images and remove them.

Photilla Photo Album Software

Tagging the images is easy, just select the image(s) and click New Tag on toolbar and assign a suitable name. To quickly navigate through multiple albums, enable Use tree view option to bring up a navigation bar at left side. It supports simple drag & drop behavior, you can easily add folders without having to maintain folder hierarchy manually. All the sub-folder can be seen by expanding the selection.

Photilla Photo Album Software2

Application serve those users who are looking for one dedicated application for organizing images and to create photo album for each location. It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Photilla

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