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Easily Remove Browser Toolbars & Adware From Your PC With AdwCleaner

Often when we install free software, we come across the issue of bundleware – software that comes bundled with the installer program of the application we are installing. Usually such bundled software consists of browser toolbars & plugins, custom search pages, and certain ‘helper’ programs that have the primary purpose of displaying ads or getting users to visit their websites to generate ad revenue, without adding an value to their user experience. Such bundleware and adware is usually hard to remove once installed, as it has been built with the purpose of attempting to stay persistently on your computer. If you are getting tired of such unwanted software, we’ve got a tool for you called AdwCleaner that scans your computer and cleans any third party toolbars and adware installed in your system. Let’s find out more about AdwCleaner after the jump.

You might have noticed that at times after installing some software, you end up with a strange-looking toolbar in your web browser, often featuring multicolored buttons and a plethora of options that all work through a particular website. Even companies as famous as Yahoo! add their toolbar to your browsers to get more visitors to their web properties. While the setup programs of most software give you the option to disabling the installation of toolbars, those options are enabled by default and at times, just presented in a way that tricks you into installing them, for instance labeling them as recommended in the default installation process. At times, you are given the option of clicking ‘Agree’ to install them or ‘Decline’ to skip their installation while still installing the main program, so that in the flow of software installation, you would click ‘Agree’ without even realizing that it’s your consent to install the additional adware and toolbars rather than the app itself.

Installing 4shared Shot 1.0

The toolbars are automatically added to your browser and can prove to be quite annoying, as they sometimes cause ads to pop-up on the screen, and almost always change your default search engine to a search page run by the toolbar’s developer. Furthermore, they can be notoriously hard to uninstall, and almost always leave many traces still left on your computer even if you do manage to uninstall them from Control Panel.

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AdwCleaner takes care of all these problems by providing you with a one-click solution for removing all the installed toolbars and adware from your computer. The application sports a very simple, no-frills interface that allows you to search for such adware,and delete them from your computer.

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To begin, click Search to scan your computer for an installed toolbars and adware. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a report of all such results found on your computer.

AdwCleaner[R3] - Notepad

If you want to remove the unwanted elements, select the Delete option. The application will ask permission to close all of the currently running browsers in order to remove the toolbars and adware. Once done, you will have to restart your computer in order to complete the process. Therefore, make sure that your work is properly saved before you hit OK.

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AdwCleaner works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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