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Recover Lost Disk Partitions & Deleted Data Using Eassos Recovery

It happens quite so often that we accidentally delete files from the computer that we did not mean to. For this reason, it’s highly advisable to create backup of your important files. In the past, we have covered some great backup and restore tools, which allow you to easily create backups of important files and folders and recover them later in case the original ones get deleted. However, if you’re not among those who regularly backup their important data, and have accidentally deleted some critical files, you can use file recovery utility. The file recovery applications are designed to recover deleted files and folders. You may know that whenever you delete a file from a storage device, only the reference to the file’s data in File Allocation Table is deleted, and unless more data is written over it, the content is not erased from the disk. That’s the reason why the deleted data can be recovered. Today, we have a file recovery application for Windows called Eassos Recovery, which provides you with a step by step wizard to recover files, lost partitions, disks and data deleted from the Recycle Bin. Details to follow after the break.

The application has a built-in wizard that guides you through the recovery process, for each available mode. When you start the application, you can choose between, Recover Files from Partition, Recover Lost Partitions, Recover Files From Disk and Recover Deleted Files. Just choose the option according to your requirements.

Eassos Recovery

For instance, if you choose Recover Files from partition, you will be guided through a 5 step process. First, choose the partition which contains the deleted files. When you select a partition, important information about the volume is displayed at the right side. Click the Select File Types from right sidebar to choose specific file types to recover. Clicking next will start the scan.

Eassos Recovery_1

When the scan is complete, you can select the files that you want to recover by browsing through folders. When all the required files are selected, click Next.

Eassos Recovery_2

Choose the Target Folder where you want to save the files and select what you want to do if the file already exists in the target folder and click Next.

Eassos Recovery_3

Upon click, the application starts recovering files and saves them in specified folder. You can choose to click the Open Folder button to view all the recovered files. Clicking Complete will close Eassos Recovery.

Eassos Recovery_4

Similarly, you can recover lost partiions and data from specific partion & disk. Just select the required recovery mode and follow the wizard steps to recover the files. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Eassos Recovery

Note: You should specify remote directory or external hard disk as output location for saving recovered data from local disk partitions, as attempting to recover data on the same disk where it’s being read from may lead to permanent loss of data, and in some cases, unrepairable bad sectors.

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