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Easy Way To Sync Two Folders With nsync [Windows]

Folder synchronization tools come in many flavors, shapes and sizes, both free and paid, and offer multitude of options that may even not be of any use to an average user. Since synchronization can be a frequently used task for some, a good tool should be focused on one thing; ease of use. Add some beautiful aesthetics to it and you get nsync, a nice tool that can make sync between two folders a 3-step-easy task.

What caught my eye instantly about nsync is its similarity to a previously reviewed sync tool for Mac, SyncTwoFolders, which offered similar functionality. Users who have used Mac OS will immediately notice the similarity between nsync’s interface and traditional Mac applications. Notice the three dots right below the application’s name on top? They show what screen you’re on, and can be used to navigate between the three, just like in Mac.


Usage is pretty straightforward, and like we said before, can be done is three easy steps. Drag the first folder you want to synchronize to the left hand window, and the target folder to the right hand window. Alternatively, you can click both the arrows to browse and select the folders. Once, selections are made, a Sync button will appear clicking which will synchronize the contents of both your folders. You can also opt to have a visual preview of all the the changes that would take place beforehand.

nsync preview

Once synchronization is done, the user gets prompted with a completion message, all done with a very good mix of artistic aesthetics.

nsync 2

This tool is one of the good ones that we have lately seen when it comes to making synchronization easy. Though the support for only two folders may be a downer for some, it can be useful for those who do not have complex operations to carry out. We tested it on our system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download nsync

For more, you may also want to try Syncless.


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