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Easy Way To Use Multi-Desktop Environment On Windows

The limited desktop space in Windows often becomes a productivity bottleneck for many people, and the ability certain third-party software provide by adding multiple desktops can be a lifesaver. Most of these applications, however, aren’t perhaps not really that easy to use, or they bring such additional functionality that leave users boggled. Here is where Moo0 MultiDesktop differs – simplicity.

The software offers four virtual desktops with the utmost ease, and that’s it. There are no extra flags attached; the software does only what it is supposed to do and with easy-to-understand manner.


Once installed, it runs silently behind the scene and supports keyboard shortcuts as well. By default, you can jump between the four desktops by using Ctrl + [1-4], but they can be changed as well. Moo0 MultiDesktop also adds a floating little bar on the desktop which shown which virtual desktop is currently active. This bar can be hidden or placed anywhere on the desktop, and you can click on corresponding numbers to jump desktops as well.

That’s all there is about usability. Other than that, you can control appearance (transparency and skins), change language (up to 18 supported), and instruct the software to start with Windows.

The application works with all versions of Windows beyond XP. Its memory footprint is very small at merely 440 kB, and it delivers what it promises. We tested it using Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Moo0 MultiDesktop

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