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EasyMon Quickly Moves Applications Across Multiple Monitors With Hotkeys

EasyMon is a system tray application which runs silently in the background allowing you to quickly move applications across multiple displays in a dual-monitor (or multiple-monitors) setup. The application is developed to bring ease in adjusting/moving applications and to increase the overall productivity of the user.

You only need to press one of the defined hotkey for moving the active application across the monitors. By default, Win+cursor keys combination are setup to adjust the application window in respective position. For instance, if you need to move the application on left monitor, press Win+left cursor key to move it accordingly.

Hotkeys Functionality

  • [Win] + [ > ] : Moves the active¬† application window to the right side monitor.
  • [Win] + [ < ] : Moves the active application window to the left side monitor
  • [Win] + [ ^ ] : Maximizes the active application window.
  • [Win] + [ v ] : If the active application window is maximized then it will return to the normal state, if the active application window is in the normal state then it will be minimized.

Furthermore, the default hotkeys setup can be changed from Manage Setting window, which can be accessed from the system tray menu.


You will also find an option to stop EasyMon temporarily.


The application runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Our testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download EasyMon

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