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EasyScreenshot: Take Screenshot Of A Website & Upload To Twitter

Screenshot tools allow you to quickly capture a part of your screen and save the image on your computer. You can then share this image with someone, or use it in any article that you want. If there are images in your article, rather than just plain text, it will be a lot more appealing to the audience. For instance, if you are explaining a process to, say, change the shuffle timing for images in Windows 7, it will be a lot easier for the readers to understand the process if there are  images along with each step explained in the article. We have previously covered a lot of screenshot taking tools, including GreenShot that let you capture selected region and full window screenshots with ease. EasyScreenshot is yet another screenshot taking utility that allows you to take screenshots with multiple techniques such as FullScreen, Selected Area and WebPage Shot. What makes this application different from the lot is its ability to directly upload screenshots to your twitter account and tweet it, so you can easily share screenshots with others. Moreover, since the app has watermarking capabilities, your tweeted screenshots will automatically be branded with your specified text, ensuring that you remain the true owner. Hence, if you are a power Twitter user, EasyScreenshot is definitely worth your time.

The application has a simple, minimalist interface with Full Shot (to take screenshot of the whole screen), Selected Area (to take screen of the selected area), WebPage (to take scrollable screenshot of a complete webpage), and Settings (to access the Settings window) button available.

EasyScreenshot 2.2

The WebPage option allows you to take complete scrollable screenshots of webpages by entering the Website URL.


The Settings menu includes settings related to Using the image like Save To EasyScreenshot Folder and Prompt Where to Save, Watermarking options, TwitPic Uploading options and Other Settings such as Enable Shutter Sounds and Run on PC Startup.


The watermark is added to the top left corner of the screen, and images are automatically saved in the EasyScreenshot folder. When Upload to EasyScreenshot option is enabled, images will be automatically uploaded and you will be given an option to copy the URL address to clipboard for sharing with others. EasyScreenshot works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download EasyScreenshot

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