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Edit File Type Association, Actions & Icon From Windows Right-Click Menu

Certain file types, such as image and/or text documents, are supported by countless different applications, and you might have more than just a few installed on your computer. In order to decide which program should launch what kind of file, there’s a file type associations feature integrated into Windows. While Windows handles this job by using said built-in utility, should you wish to manage file type associations in a much more lucid fashion, try Types. It’s a freeware that lets you assign applications to all file extensions, as well as edit the icons and context menus associated with them, all from under one roof. The program is dead simple to use and integrates itself into every file’s right-click context menu for quick access. Details to be followed after the jump.

During installation, Types asks you whether to install its shell extension to create a shortcut in the right-click menu of files. You may want to check that entry as it makes using the application ten times easier.

Once you’ve done that, you can modify the program association or other properties of your desired item by simply right-clicking it and selecting the new ‘Edit file type’ option from its context menu.

Types_Context Menu

This tiny window that follows comprises four tabs; Class, Actions, Icon and Other. From the first tab, you can choose a custom name and associated class for the file extension. For instance, if you want to associate a TXT file – which is linked to Windows Notepad utility by default – to Notepad++, you just simply have to specify the custom name and then choose the associated class from drop down menu after marking the ‘Use linked class’ checkbox. Next, click the green add button as illustrated in screenshot.

Type .txt

Once the class is associated, you can specify the custom action. Actions give you more control and flexibility over different commands that can be made over the file, that is, you can edit the file using one application while open and view it in another. For example, to specify the Open command, highlight it from the list followed by selecting target destination of the new application (such that Notepad++ in the said case).

The program also enables you to choose an application icon for the new association as well as enable or disable additional generic options under the Icon and Other tabs respectively.


Types displays the complete database of file extensions under its main application window. From here, not only can you view all existing extensions and classes, but also easily search for and modify required ones at any time.


Types works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and requires .Net Framework 2.0.

Download Types


  1. This is awesome. In Windows 8, the file associations and all that stuff is a mess…

    Very months ago, I associated *.apk files with WinRAR, having the Windows APK Shell Extension (you can see APK icons on the explorer), but with the association, I couldn’t see the icons anymore, and just the books icon of WinRAR.

    With this program, I simply deleted the association, and it worked immediatly.

    Thanks one more time for this awesome tips 🙂

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