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Edit Queries, Design DB, Export Table & SQL Scripts With kd MySQL

Want to get rid of web based MySQL database management tools that often take too much time to switch between table views, execute queries,  filter table data, build, execute and export queries, etc.? Desktop applications are, generally, preferred over web based MySQL Database managers mainly because of speed, complex MySQL script handling capabilities, and especially due to the fact that they don’t require specifying connection parameters each time to establish connection with specified online server. kd MySQL is an open source MySQL database management solution to execute MySQL scripts, view and filter table data, export table datasets and queries, and importantly to manage multiple MySQL databases without having to enter database details every time to establish connection.

It allows you to save database connections, so you can easily switch between them without much hassle involved. In order to handle multiple MySQL database connections, you can either cascade database windows under its window, tile multiple windows or enable tab based interface. Additionally, if you’re dealing with huge databases, it presents a convenient DB Object browser to lets you easily navigate through database objects and their underlying tables. The SQL query builder not only enables you to execute SQL queries in real time but allows exporting individual queries, so you can quickly execute them without entering the query parameters.

When you launch the application, it asks to create a new database connection profile. Enter MySQL database details, like, host, username, and password and save the connection. Once done, hit the Connect button to establish connection.

The main interface is distributed into 4 panes. The left sidebar holds Object Browser carrying all the DB object and tables, on right side of the screen you have query builder, table viewer along with query error console.

MySQLMan - Main 1

The MySQL query builder toolbar has options to run multiple SQL statements in batch mode, create customized view from selected statements, search SQL file, and export SQL statements in SQL file format. All the results are shown in table viewer present beneath it. Apart from Full View mode, it supports 2 extra viewing modes as well – Item View and Script Output to check each item separately and to view result of scripts, respectively.

From Db menu, you can create and manage new database, alter existing database, create tables, functions, and triggers, and backup and restore SQL files. If you want to tweak with table, simply right-click on any listed table and select required options.


kd MySQL lets you quickly export table data to CSV file and Windows clipboard. You can also change the encoding options and CSV file format before exporting.

export data 2

You can add, remove, and organize all data connections from Preferences which is accessible from Edit menu. It allows changing of code editor layout, font family, size and code editor text colors, application theme, and configuring data editor options.


kd MySQL proves to be an efficient MySQL database management utility. The application is in initial beta testing phase, therefore, you may encounter some interface related problems. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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