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EditPad Is Highly Customizable Tabbed Text Editor [Notepad Alternative]

EditPad Lite is a light-weight text editor with some unique features like; Block functions (for inserting a file), flexible word wrapping, history for viewing previously created/accessed/modified files, extensive undo options, full-featured printing options (includes header/footer settings, page setup) and many more.

The tabbed interface makes it easier to work on multiple documents. It supports text drag & drop behavior, allowing you to easily pull out text from web pages, word processors, and other text editing applications.

EditPad Lite

The word-wrapping behavior can be changed according to your needs, you can limit word-wrap by available number of characters in line, user-defined max line length, or adjust it with window size.

EditPad Lite wrap1

One useful option is writing/appending part of text file to another text/html file. It helps in categorizing text into different types of files. The Insert File option lets you open text file starting from the current position of the cursor. All these along with Print function can be accessed from Block menu.


Print function has plentiful options. You can define the print area, set header/footer area, include either odd or even pages, etc.


It is one highly customizable application that can be tweaked with almost every feature and option. It lets you change syntax color, cursors blinking styles and styles. Under Editor tab, you can change editor-specific options like; active line highlighting, searching options, etc. Under Shortcuts, you can create/remove shortcuts.


When compared with previously covered text editors like, World Wide NotePad, FluentNotepad, Fxite, and Bend, it differs in terms of customizations and scalable options. It runs on all versions of Windows ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download EditPad Lite


  1. I like EditPad Pro very much as it can easily be used to filter text files by self-written PowerShell-Cmdlets! And it’s fast as hell…

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