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Editra – Cross Platform Text Editor With Large Code Library & Plugins

Text editors with syntax highlighting support are developed to only perform some basic tasks related with coding, such as, viewing code structure, identify syntax errors, review starting and ending code tags, etc, and are not meant to replace the software development IDEs. If you’re looking for a text editor which provides some extra text editing features compared to the native OS text editor, Editra is a text editor you might’ve been looking for. It’s a freshly baked cross platform text editor, supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux OS platform.

Editra supports more than 60 programming languages with a variety of editing features written specifically for coding. The MDI based multi-tabbed interface enables users to simultaneously work on multiple code files whilst extra plugins are also provided to increase the total work productivity.


It’s a highly customizable text editor in terms of both text editing and editor layout. You can even conceal all those code editing related elements, such as, syntax highlighting, bracket highlights, edge guidelines, etc., which are not required while editing plain text. This makes it quite unique from other tools, as you can anytime transform it to totally distraction free text editing pad.


On the toolbar, it presents some basic editing tools with option to quickly print the document and find and replace text. Coming back to code related features, Toggle Comment is one feature which may come handy while working on code files. It can quickly remove the comment and make the enclosed comment text as the part of the code, eliminating the need to manually remove special comment characters, for example, <!— –>, “”, etc. The code hint comment box, just like one in Dreamweaver, also pops up when you start writing code.

code hint 1

Along with text editing customizations, you can change the way it highlights the syntax. This novel feature enables you to add or remove any specific highlighting feature and color of a programming language. Take Class style for an instance, you can define the font, size, foreground and background color to make it look more prominent from other elements present in code file.

style editor 2

You don’t need to visit product page to find suitable plugins for your daily text and code editing needs. From Tools, bring up Plugin Manager to view all the plugins which are available for download. Plugin configuration console is also provided to tweak with installed plugins options and settings.

plugins 2

The feature list doesn’t end here. There is certainly a lot more to cover on Editra. You can review complete feature list on product page. Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available.

Download Editra


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