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Email Alert Hotmail Notifier

The whole internet is full of GMail Email Notifiers, even we have covered some here and here. But it is quite hard to find any similar email alert tool for Hotmail. It is a fact that even through it has been rebranded as Windows Live Mail, the name Hotmail is still popular in many countries. Those who registered with this service still have email accounts ending with “hotmail.com”.

Luckily I have found a tiny notification app called Hotmail Email Notifier. All it does is notify you when a new email arrives in your Hotmail(Windows Live Mail) inbox. You can save the executable file in the startup folder and it will load automatically during windows startup.

hotmail notifier

The mail icon will turn red if a new email arrives in your inbox, otherwise it will remain green. Most users receive new email alerts through Windows Live Messenger, but what if you want less distraction(want to get rid of chatting) and want to improve productivity? This is the situation where you might need Hotmail Email Notifier.

The biggest drawback is perhaps that it doesn’t tell which email has arrived like Google Notifier does, instead only alerts about new emails. Nevertheless it might still come handy to all Hotmail email addicts out there.

Download Hotmail Email Notifier

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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  • Fabio Tucci

    The link is no longer available.

  • Eneida

    ohhh, I would like a similar app for Ubuntu OS…