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How to enable auto logon on Windows 10

Windows 10 encourages users to set up a password and a PIN for their account. If you choose to skip setting up a PIN when you first install Windows 10, it will continue to badger you later on to do it. Passwords and PINs are meant to keep your system safe, especially if you have to leave it unattended e.g., at work. If you know for a fact that your system will be safe, or you have other reasons for skipping the whole passowrd/PIN login, you can enable auto logon on Windows 10.

Auto logon for Windows 10 can be enabled from the Windows registry however, a much easier way to enable or disable it is to use the Autologon app from Microsoft.

Auto logon on Windows 10

Download Autologon and run it. You will need admin rights to run this app though nothing needs to be installed. When you run the app, it will show you the username for the current user, their domain name, and an empty field where you can enter the password. If you have multiple users added to the same system, you will be able to pick a different one from the Username field.

To enable auto logon, simply enter the password for the selected user, and click Enable.

Now, whenever you boot to your system, it will automatically login this particular user. If you want to disable auto logon when you’re booting, hold down the shift key before it can automatically logon the user, and it will be disabled for that user. To permanently disable auto logon for Windows 10, simply run this app again and click the Disable button.

As mentioned before, what this app does can also be accomplished by editing the Windows registry however, there is a problem with the registry approach. With Windows updates, the auto logon tends to break. A registry edit that previously allowed you to enable auto logon may be reset or it may stop working altogether. If you’re not the type to go digging around the registry for a fix, this app is a much easier way to enable auto logon.

We should of course caution you on how you use this app. Auto logon is a great, quick way to boot straight to your desktop but it gives anyone with physical access to your system access to your desktop as well. Make sure that you use this only on computers that other people cannot access, or that you do not keep important files and sensitive data on the system you enable auto logon for.

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