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How to enable Collections in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

The old Edge aka Legacy Edge had a tab set aside feature. This feature allowed users to save the various tabs they had open and reopen them later. It was different from bookmarks. The new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and it doesn’t have a tab set aside feature but, it does have Collections. Collections are basically the same tab set aside feature but improved exponentially. It isn’t enabled by default. To use Collections in Microsoft Edge, you need to use a switch.

Enable Collections in Microsoft Edge

You need to create a desktop shortcut for Edge and run the browser from it. To create a desktop shortcut for Microsoft Edge, search for the app in the apps’ list in the Start menu, and drag and drop it on to the desktop.

Right-click the shortcut and select Properties from the context menu. Go to the Shortcut tab and at the very end of the ‘Target’ field, add one space at the very end, and then add the following.


Use the shortcut to open Edge and you will see the Collections button next to the URL bar.

Browse the internet like you normally do and when you want to add a web page to a collection, click the Collections button. Give the collection a name, and then click the ‘Add current page’ button to add the page to the collection.

Repeat this each time you want to add a page to the collection. You can create a new collection and add pages to it if you need to. It’s a neat way to keep everything organized. For each page collection, you can add a note. Click the note button next to the ‘Add current page’ button. You can add a bulleted list to a note, and add bold, underline, and italic text styles to the text in the note.

You can also access Collections by clicking the more options button at the top right.

The downside is that you can only use Collections if you use the specific desktop shortcut that you created to open Edge. If you have the app pinned to the Start Menu, you won’t be able to use Collections if you open the app from it. Maybe somewhere down the line, Microsoft will add this as a full feature and make it easier to access.

Legacy Edge had some great features and it’s still the best PDF reader most Windows 10 users had. Maybe Microsoft will add something like that to the new Edge.

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