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Encode Videos To WD TV Live Hub With Bluevee Boxer

Looking for a video encoder that can seamlessly convert video files for your Western Digital TV device without requiring you to set audio and video encoding parameters? Try out Bluevee Boxer. It’s an open source video encoder to convert video files for your WD TV Live Hub. Since the application was designed specifically for WD TV device owners, you just have to specify video followed by codec to start video conversion process. The developer has kept configurations to bare minimum under simple user interface. Bluevee Boxer is capable of converting all the widely used video formats, such as, FLV, MKV, MPG, VOB, and M2TS to WD TV device compatible formats. Moreover, Bluevee Boxer allows you to set different video and audio options before starting the conversion process. This enables you to set the quality, tuning, processing type, and size of videos being lined up for conversion. You can also crop video width and height according to your TV screen size and add additional HQ audio streams.

You can add videos to the conversion list individually or use the add jobs feature to add videos in bulk. Under Add Jobs window, you have the option to tweak with video dimensions, audio settings, processing and quality, and add video thumbnail. To add video, either right-click in conversion list or open Edit menu to select the respective option.

bluevee 1

The Video Options window refers to setting quality (High, Medium, or Low), Tuning (Film, Fast Decode, Animation, etc),  and video size which includes different video resolutions. Under Crop Video window, you can choose to curtail the video size area as per your screen size. You can cut down both the width and height of the video in question.

crop video 2

Once you’ve done setting up audio and video settings, hit OK to list the video on main interface. Likewise, you can add as many videos as you want to job list. The main interface shows all the videos you’ve added. It performs the jobs in top to bottom order. Adjacent to Run job, you have options to sort the video order.

add jobs

The small play button on toolbar will begin the conversion process. From Jobs menu, you can cancel the current conversion process, cancel all the subsequent conversion jobs except the current job, and enable option to shutdown PC after all the jobs get finished.

Bluevee Boxer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Bluevee Boxer

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