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Encrypt And Backup Data To Amazon S3 With Leo Backup

The importance of data backup cannot be under-estimated in the wake of frequent malware attacks which often render important data useless, cause problems which can only be resolved by a re-installation of the operating system, or restoration from saved system image. Many backup programs are quite complicated to use for amateur user and have convoluted settings which eventually make data backup process confusing. Leo Backup is a simple application to backup data on a hard drive, USB, remote network location, user-configured FTP/SFTP server, and Amazon S3 storage.  It provides encryption for the backed up data for securing your important files, with options to restore them later.

Launch Leo backup and click New backup Set on toolbar. Now click Add button to add files and folders which are to be backed up. There are also options to backup Windows registry, MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Profile, etc.

Add backup

Once the desired items are selected, click Next to continue. Now select the target location. You can backup your data to a network location, FTP/ SFTP server, Amazon S3 server or to any local location.

Backup Location

You can choose to compress backup data in ZIP file, create ZIP file for each backup folder,  or encrypt the data.


You can also schedule data backup at specified time interval to make sure that your backup data will always be kept updated.


In the last step, give a name to your backup job and click Finish.

Backup name

Once a backup set is created, you can initiate the backup process either from right-click context menu or by clicking Backup button present on toolbar.

Start backup

This will start your data backup to to the specified location. To restore your data, select the Restore Wizard option from the File menu and select the backup file to restore.


It is available as a free version which also includes the features of the Pro version (costs $39.95 ) for 30 days. After 30 days you can either choose to use the free app or upgrade to the advanced version. The Pro version has options  for IT professionals such as the option to backup data to an FTP, SFTP, Active Directory impersonation, etc. Whereas, the free version provides ample options to backup and restore your data securely and a few easy steps, which includes backing data to the cloud via the Amazon S3 server, as well as local/external drives and network locations.

What makes Leo Backup better than most applications of it’s kind are the simplified backup and restore options. However, if you are looking for an app which can backup and sync your data and provide remote backup functionality, check out Sync Back. Leo Backup works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Leo Backup

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