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Image Analyzer: Enhance And Retouch Photos Without Using Photoshop

Image Analyzer carries wide range of advanced features, options and tools which will greatly assist user to analyze different parameters of images. It is geared towards users who loves to analyze and enhance images either for fun or for professional use. According to the developer, “The program contains both most image enhancement features found in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites”. In short, it allows you to enhance photos without needing to have Photoshop installed.

You can measure out attributes of an image, based on multiple scales and dimensions. Apart from performing analysis through different tools, it also lets you edit images and apply multiple effects while on the go.
The most significant tools and features are; conventional and adaptive filters for noise reduction and for edge extraction, a retinex filter to reduce shadows and control contrast, Deconvolution for out-of-focus and adjusting motion blur, and various morphological operations.

It supports a long list of image formats ranging from BMP, PNG, JPG, to GIF, EMF, etc., whilst offering read support for RAS, MATLAB files, HIPS, PPM, etc. The interface is quite neat, having all the important tools present right up front. It supports simple drag & drop behavior while allowing you to open multiple windows simultaneously to analyze as many images as you want.

Image Analyzer1

All the effects are applied in real-time and doesn’t take long to process. Adaptive noise reduction is quite helpful to eliminate noise by using different scales and types.

noise reduction1

Color mapper will abet you setting custom color mapping, it includes bunch of awesome Presets which will apply a whole lot of different and interesting color mapping layer.

color mapping1

As an editor it has a list of brush types and other necessary tools to change the overall look of the image. The application contains some exclusive features along with all the conventional features, so whether you’re are a professional or need an advanced editor for fun, it will come useful. Did we mention that it supports plugins as well? It comes with two plugins, by default, others can be found on the product page. It runs on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Image Analyzer

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