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EpNamer Renames TV Serials Episodes That Have Weird Titles

As we all know that popular TV serials are readily available on the web and can be easily streamed and downloaded. Many users, who love maintaining an archive of their favorite TV serials with all the episodes, do find renaming each episode a bit tiresome. Since titling each downloaded video file is a dragging task and consumes much of your precious time, you might want to automate the whole process through EpNamer. Unlike previously covered Zeeb and SimpleMovieRenamer, it is solely written to rename downloaded episode files in one go. It requires you to specify nothing except archive path in order to replace bizarre pre and post fixes in titles with correct ones. It fetches TV serial information from TvDb.com which supports new file naming conventions based on airdate and absolute number of TV serials.

You need to choose one among these parsing types, which includes, Episode Id, Airdate and Absolute number. To begin renaming episode files, just drag the folder containing video files over the main interface. It will list original files names at left side of bottom pane.

ep rename

Now replace the Show name with original TV serial name, specify parsing type, and select the files which are to be renamed followed by a click on Get Episodes to retrieve original episode titles. Once File Name After column is filled with new titles, click Rename to replace selected episode file names with suggested titles.

ep rename 3

During testing, we found it to be working without any problems. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, provided you have .Net Framework 3.5 installed already.

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