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eToolz Brings The Most Useful Network & Web Tools Under One Hood

Do you hate using multiple network tools for performing required tasks, including domain lookup, resolve DNS, ping domain, trace route and more? eToolz is a light-weight, portable application suite that includes a total of 10 most useful network utilities, enabling you to perform numerous network-specific operations from one window. The application has been specifically built to help network administrators diagnose and resolve a wide range of network-related issues. While the application comes packed with superior-alternatives to various Windows command line utilities, including Tracert, Ping etc, it hosts a number of web-related tools as well, that allow you to view page rank of any website, view domain whois information, verify email address, extract and view HTTP header info from given URL, and connect to internet time servers.

Although eToolz supports multiple languages, it doesn’t have the ability to auto-detect your native language to change the application interface language. So, after launching the application, change its default language from Extras –> Sprache/ Language menu. The main window shows DNS tool that lets you view DNS info, resolve host names & IP addresses, and validate host name/IP address.

etoolz 1

The Ping tool lets you run ping command with various switches, including choose count, timeout, bytes, and pause time. All you need is to enter the host name/IP, specify the command arguments from respective pull-down menus, and then click Start to ping the specified host name. Furthermore, you have the option to resolve host names and IP addresses while pinging the specific host name.

ping 2

Similarly, Trace lets you select Hops and Timeout from drop-down menus. Just pick the required attributes after entering the host name or IP address, and hit Start. Like Ping, you can also choose to resolve host names and IP addresses option.

etoolz trace 2

The Whois tool allows configuring the whois info lookup settings. It includes options like Automatic redirection, check domain name / IP address, Network query, Direct query and format output. You just need to enter the domain, specify timeout period, and hit Start to get info on specified domain.

etoolz whois 2

The Mail-Check tab helps you verify email address. You can easily check weather the specified email address exists or not. All you need is to enter the email address, and then click Start to begin the verification process. If it fails to reach required MX server, then you need to specify the MX server that is to be searched for email address verification purpose.

etoolz verify email

You can move through the available tabs to use other web and network related tools. it enables you to get HTTP header from a given web link, view websites’ rage ranks, query current time from pool.ntp.org and other time servers, and generate report on your network setup to view IP address, DNS server, MAC addresses and more. We’ve covered only the most salient features and options of eToolz, and you may review the complete feature list from product page. It works on client and server editions of Windows, with both 32-bit and 64-bit variants being supported.

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