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Rainlender: Aesthetic Event Management Tool With Calendar Overview

When choosing for an efficient event management tool, you may come across hundreds of different applications which promises to provide the best way to keep yourself updated with every event, anniversary, meeting, etc. The convenience is the first factor you might be looking in such applications. As far as the desktop event management tools catering features like; reminder and calendar are concerned, opting one effective application is rather difficult as every application offers relevant features & options to get along with. Rainlender is small yet complete event management tool which comes with an awesome calendar to manage day-to-day events & to-do lists.

Its eye-candy aesthetic and intriguing layout will give you a breezing experience of creating and managing upcoming events, tasks, etc. The interface is simple and so is the usage. For keeping tab on event, you can keep it as a desktop widget. To create an event, just double-click the day on the calendar to bring up event dialog window, where you can add all event-relevant details which mainly includes; Summary, Location, staring/ending date & time, specify category from pre-defined list, etc. You also have an option for specifying alarm to snooze before occurrence of an event. To make an repetitive event, you can make use of options provided under Recurrence tab, where you can specify daily/weekly/monthly/yearly repetition and change other default settings.

event rainlender

The created event will be marked on calendar and on hovering over it will show up summarized details. Down the wire, if you are required to edit an event’s details, double-click the event under Events box, which will bring-up the same dialog letting you edit the details as per requirements.

event view

To create a to-do list, click on To-Do box to create a to-do item. It also supports all the aforementioned categories and options to let you easily populate the to-do items’ details. All the to-do items are separated in dedicated TO-DO box to easily manage them. As it is one nifty tool, customizing and configuring application’s settings are easy, right-click the application to show-up settings menu. You can create a new event and task, enable/disable default windows (Events box, TO DO box, and Calendar), jump to months, and configure native elements’ options.

rainlender menu

It supports complete customizations of skins, application view & appearance, etc. Under Options window, you can configure the application’s General and Calendar settings, apply other skins, register hotkeys for quicker access, and change other advanced settings.

rainlender options

What makes it distinctive from the rest is that it supports widely used iCalender format to let you import & export events’ details, thus you can view & edit events in all eminent PIMs (Personal Information Managers) suites.

To put in a nutshell, it is one awesome platform-independent (works on Windows, Mac , and Linux) event management tool which is highly-customizable and comes with tons of handy features to view, manage & keep tab on up-coming events, tasks, to-do list, etc.

It runs on all Windows based OS, including Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Rainlender

For more, you can check out RMP, Wieldy, and specially DeskTask.

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