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Evernote’s Image Editing & Annotation Tool Skitch Now Available For Windows 8

Skitch is a widely popular application, recently acquired by Evernote, that allows you to annotate, edit and share your images with others. It has been available for Mac, iOS and Android for quite some time and is considered one of the best applications for editing, annotating and uploading to Evernote accounts. Since the Windows 8 final, public release is scheduled for the 26th of October, a lot of apps by some major developers have released for upcoming version of Windows. Recently, we have covered apps for Windows 8, such as Dailymotion and Flux. Skitch has also hopped onto the Windows bandwagon. Currently available on Windows Store, it includes all the major features offered by the other variants of the app including webcam image capture, image editing and annotation.

To download the app to your Windows 8 system, open Windows Store and type “skitch” to search for the app.

Skitch Windows Store

When found, click the Install button available on the left side. The app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your system.

Skitch Download

Open Start Screen, move to the extreme right side, and look for the newly created tile for Skitch. Clicking the app tile will bring up its main interface. It allows you to work in 3 modes: capture new pictures and annotate them using the provided tools, open existing photos and edit them according to your needs, or open a blank canvas and create an image from scratch.

Skitch Main

When you open an existing image, a toolbar at the bottom provides you with all the basic options to annotate your images. There are tools available for drawing a line, making an aero pointer, insert Square, Rectangle, Circle or Straight Line, and adding a text box. You can change the color and size of each item from the right side. Once done, you can easily upload the finished image to your Evernote account. The selection tool on the right side allows you to change the shape, position and direction of each item after you have placed it. After choosing the selection tool, left clicking an item selects it, allowing you to move it anywhere you want, while right clicking deselects the item.

The Start Screen tile of the Skitch app is a live (dynamic) tile. It shows previews of the images that you have worked on, i-e added annotations, inserted custom markers etc. Skitch works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Get Skitch from Windows Store

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