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EWeb Balance: Record Inventory, Debtors/ Creditors & Other Financial Transactions

If you’re an owner of a company or even a small scale business, you would have already known the hassle of maintaining multiple transactions of your clients and other associates, and keeping track of everything related to debit, credit and inventory management. But you need to worry not as EWeb Balance is here to help you out. It is a small tool that will help lifting that burden off your head by providing a simple and easy to use interface to keep all your business transactions in check. The application will let you enter and maintain all the Sale, Purchase, Debit and Credit transactions. Additionally, you can also check your current inventory, Check and Cash balances, and your Debtors and Creditors to keep an eye on your receivables and payables, respectively. Keep reading after the jump for further details about the usage.

The very first noticeable thing is the application’s minimalist interface design. There is no fancy stuff here people. The Dashboard contains all your recent transactions, which comprise of item, date, quantity (in case of purchases and sales), amount, customer name, payment method etc. Along side the Dashboard tab, there are four additional tabs, i.e. Current Balance, Inventory, Debtors and Creditors.

EWeb Balance Main Interface

To enter any transaction, first off select the type of transaction that you want to enter (Sale, Purchase, Credit or Debit). Afterwards, you need to input item name, quantity, unit price, customer name and payment type, and then hit Save Transaction.

EWeb Balance Enter Transaction

Every transaction you enter automatically appears in the transactions database.


As the effects of each transaction are automatically synced, you can always find how many items your current inventory holds. A pretty neat feature to know the current inventory position before it all gets depleted.


Just like inventory, you may also check the information regarding your debtors and creditors in their respective tabs. Likewise, the Current Balance tab offers a convenient solution to check how much capital is held by your company, in terms of cash and checks of course.

Overall, EWeb Balance is quite a handy yet lightweight application that might help you manage your business transactions, so you can easily analyze the effects of both cash inflows and outflows to some extent, and save yourself the paperwork to record every transaction on a ledger. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. An Android version of the application is also available.

Download EWeb Balance

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