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Exact Audio Copy: Accurately Rip Audio CDs

Audio CD rippers are plenty, and Exact Audio Copy is not much different in terms of functionality. It rips audio CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. Where it differs from the lot of audio grabbers is that it is free (non-commercial use) and that it uses an advanced technology for almost perfect reading of audio CDs.

The main advantage of using EAC is that if there are any errors on your CD that cannot be corrected, the software will tell you the position on which the distortion occurred, hence making it possible to control it with Windows Media Player (or any other player that you choose to use).

Exact Audio Copy

The interface is rather simple, and when a CD is inserted the software will automatically show all the tracks available for ripping. The software hosts quite a few music processing options, such as WAV comparison, splitting WAVs by CUE sheet, removal of gaps and more. It will also look up the audio CD information from the internet.

Under the EAC menu, you will get all sorts of configuration options, for the program itself, the compression used, drive and database options and more. Again, you can explore the options and tweak the program as per your needs.

Exact Audio Copy Options

In terms of features, EAC contains jitter correction, detection of read errors, copying music data and not only tracks, support for LAME DLL, batch conversion to WAV files, and much more. It worked fine on our Windows 7 test system.

Download Exact Audio Copy

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  • Eric

    I've been using this for years, and it is the best CD ripper out there.
    One thing to mention is that it also rips to FLAC very well.

  • A great piece of software, I've used it for years now.

  • joshua20

    Cool, any freeware that you recommend to burn cd's? Specifically make cd-cd copy (with one drive) easy as nero does.

    • Nakodari

      You may want to ask this in forum 🙂

  • This is not just a program, this is the pioneer in bit-perfect audio-cd extraction. I even read a lot about its history on the author's site, years and years ago. It doesn't exactly become clear from the review that this is the most established ripper in its segment (meaning the [i]real[/i] digital audio extraction software) and probably has the largest user base of all. That it doesn't differ from others can hardly be said, and in addition to the program itself, there are several 'wrappers' that automize simply every step of the way towards a perfect set of lossless or lossy audio files (e.g. REACT: http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=R…)